In Mold Decorating

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What is In Mold Decorating?

In Mold Decorating is an alternative to traditional methods of decorating custom plastic injection molding parts. The concept is simple, print, form and trim 3D decorative films to match the geometry of the finished part and then loaded into the injection mold. This process reduces cost, improves quality and expands flexibility.

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What are the advantages of In Mold Decorating?

With the graphics printed on the second surface of the film, they are resistant to chemicals and scratches. UV protection can also be incorporated into the film. Because the graphics are printed on a flat sheet and then formed to match the part geometry, contoured surfaces can be decorated with excellent registration.

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Is my project a good candidate for In Mold Decorating?

As with any process, there are pro's and con's. Schedule your free project review today with no obligation to learn how your products can be improved by the advantages of In Mold Decorating. Ask about incorporating In Mold Electronics as well.