Check out this great video injection molded capacitive touch with embedded LED's and proximity sensing.

Check out this great video about  In Mold Electronics! It combines printed electronics with plastic injection molding.


3D Injection Molded HMI.

About In-Mold Electronics


What is In-Mold Electronics?

Evolving technology is changing the future of manufacturing as it relates to plastics and electronics.  In-Mold Electronics (I.M.E.) allows designers to develop products that are more visually interesting, thinner and lighter in weight all while increasing the durability compared to products produced with more traditional manufacturing methods.      


How Does It Work?

In Mold Electronics is achieved by using special inks to print on thin plastic films, which are then formed and trimmed to match the geometry of the final molded product surfaces. The formed film is loaded into the custom plastic injection molding tool and then over-molded encapsulating all circuitry and graphics. The second surface printing of the circuitry and graphics allows designers to incorporate touch controls and lighting using manufacturing methods commonly used in the In Mold Decorating (I.M.D.) process.  

 Launching an I.M.E. project requires competence in several design and manufacturing processes including circuit design, flexible circuit printing, graphic distortion, forming/trimming of printed film and specialty injection molding.

 Some of the possibilities include;   

Proximity Sensing

Capacitive Touch

Haptic Response

Near Field Communication 

Back Lighting

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